Backyard Landscaping

Yard Landscaping

Trimming and Pruning for the Ultimate Year-round Landscape

When we’re working on a backyard or front yard landscape, we’ll do whatever is needed, just about anything. We’ve hauled trash and moved plants and shrubs to neighbors and family in the suburbs. We accommodate what people need. And we always do more than is expected. Everybody’s got something else that they need to get done.

We leave a yard cleaner than when we came. We get a lot of compliments on that. People say “You’re a very clean crew.” It’s noticeable. Our crews are polite.

Mature plants have specific boundaries. They look their nicest when allowed to grow to that size. Trimming can stunt and kill a graceful plant, ruining the investment. Also, pruning a fragrant bush, will cut off all the bloom sets, and it’s not fragrant anymore. Trimmed lilacs will cause next year’s flowers to try to come right behind this year’s flowers. They won’t bloom. Untrimmed, they’re not going to become an 80’ oak. No matter how many years you let lilacs grow they won’t exceed their natural size. So, just let them grow. We plan for normal growth and prune plants correctly.

Yard Landscaping

In fall we just clean everything out. And then in the spring do a cleanup. There are projects for every time of the year. But the winter time is the best time to trim trees and ornamentals.

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Landscaping Testimonial

arrow “Six years ago James Laslo designed a landscape plan for our new home. Laslo's crew have skillfully nurtured and coaxed our garden to become the established and beautiful place it is now.

"We've been flooded twice, dug up by ComEd once, and had to redesign our drainage system three times. Laslo has gone above and beyond to help make the process easier and ultimately more efficient. I highly recommend Laslo Landscaping."

Amy Choe

Yard Landscaping