Landscape Design Services

Landscape Design Services

Landscape Designs that bring your style to life!

An important part of landscape design is the customer’s preferences. We ask you if there are any plants that you like or dislike. Maybe you like flowers or maybe you like evergreens, keep dogs, and have large outdoor parties. Perhaps you’d like your landscape to be a Hollywood production. We design to fit the personality, and the yard. Our customers rely on us to help them get what they like. And when they do, they’re pleasantly surprised.

Our landscaping fits the area you live in. Our landscapes are traditional. They are a blend of traditions, use a lot of groundcover, and use plants that do well in the Northern Illinois climate. They’re low maintenance natural landscapes, not overly sculpted or noticeably symmetrical.

We do landscapes that transition from woods to the residence. You don’t want all the chaos that goes on in the woods brought into the home. Tree are springing up and dying. Branches break. You want all that controlled when you “bring it into the residence.” You want a smooth transition.

Landscape Design Services

Good Landscaping Design Increases Home Value

We’ve added a lot of value onto homes with a nice landscape. Our clients’ homes have curb appeal. Often the increase in your home’s value is far more than the cost of a professionally designed and installed landscape.

The first thing prospective buyers look at when they visit a house is the landscape. And that either invites them into the house or makes them have some serious questions right then and there. And a good landscape will make the house more appealing.

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Landscaping Testimonial

arrow “To complete the transformation of a major remodeling project to our home, we used Laslo Landscaping for both our landscaping and hardscaping needs.

"They carefully listened to our desires and vision, added their expertise and artistry, and then delivered a beautiful surrounding that we will enjoy for many years to come.

"Our expectations were exceeded and it was an absolute pleasure working with them!"

Aleta & Michael Belletete
Western Springs