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We use the right size plants that are ready to take off and grow. Certain size trees, not too big and not too small, will become bigger faster and are more economical. We use a combination of evergreen and deciduous to accomplish a year round visual. We include a nice complement of different plants.

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We discourage using plants that require a lot of maintenance. One architect put about 70 dogwoods into a design. Dogwoods produce a lot of dead wood. Over time their maintenance is astronomical. We design and install low maintenance concepts.

Our area has between 6 to 10 inches of soil. It’s old farmland. But in some subdivisions the dirt is stripped to the clay, some of it is sold, and the remainder replaced before the homes are sold. It’s hard to get things to look nice there.

Garden Landscaping

We know which plants grow best in different soils. Lilacs, for instance, are very temperamental.

Poor soils can’t be ignored. We dig holes bigger and add good dirt in when we plant a tree. We scrape clay out of flower beds and replace it with fertile black soil. Many professional landscapers just don’t care. They’ll plant in anything. They’ll even plant on rainy days, when the weather makes the soil like concrete. Working wet soil takes the air out of it and turns it into really lousy stuff. Persistent problems may require testing and chemical analysis.

We really do a nice job. Our landscapes stand out. People recognize our work. We do some of the most pleasing landscapes in town. They’re visually appealing.

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Landscaping Testimonial

“We moved to Hinsdale in the fall of 1994. The leaves were falling so fast I couldn't even compete with my rake. The previous owners of our home had worked a bit with a company called Laslo, so I tracked down their phone number and gave them a call. A few days later James Laslo showed up in his red truck and got started on our first 'fall clean-up' while I headed off to the hospital to deliver our first child.

"Well, 17 years have passed in a hurry and lots of things have changed. However, our landscaper has not. Laslo has worked patiently and professionally with us through one project after another.

"Initially, Laslo helped us save trees and plant new ones. Then came a major construction project that involved lots of pavers and bluestone, several flower beds and more trees--of course there were the thousands of tulips, 'blue' hydrangeas and the planters on the front porch, the potted trees and the Christmas lights...Wow! Following our construction project, James put together a plan for our property that has evolved through the seasons. I can honestly say that we have one of the loveliest properties in Hinsdale--thanks to Laslo Landscaping and Design!"

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