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Professional Landscape Design – the key to a beautiful yard year ’round.

Landscaping is an ever-changing, living experience in time, space, color, texture and smell. We visualize the landscape design from multiple perspectives. Our experience allows us to anticipate those changes, plan for them, and to make certain your landscape is pleasing throughout the year.

Experience and talent are essential. It helps plants to thrive, look great, and flower. We know how plants interact in different soils, and sunlight and shade requirements. We know how to grow grass in very shady areas.

Landscape Services

People understand the complexity of landscapes. They know that cheap solutions aren’t usually good solutions, and that good landscape designers aren’t easy to find.

There’s different things happening in the backyard and front yard when I do a landscape. For one, I put more ornamentals in my landscapes. Ornamentals are between a shrub and a tree. They’re flowering plants in the midsize range, 12 to 30 feet. They liven a yard and make it more interesting. We create our own landscape and hardscape designs. They’ve been very popular. We’re called on to tear down, restructure and rebuild our competitors’ landscapes. This has proven to be a great source of referrals.

We can work well with any budget, from simple plantings to multi-million dollar projects. We’ll come in and plant one tree or redesign a whole landscape. We’ll fix a brick stoop or install an entire brick driveway. We also offer a range of services for winter lawn care and snow removal.

Landscape Services

We provide the whole gamut of services for a wide spectrum of discerning homeowners. We’ve been in the community for over a hundred years. It’s just such a wide spectrum of old and new friends and neighbors. We work for just a lot of different people. We’re accessible to the whole market. We’re not tied to any one segment. We have a community focus, both residential and commercial.

The mainstay of my work is refurbishing old landscapes from design through execution. We do a lot of restructuring. Our crews do the stonework, brickwork and landscapes. We do excellent maintenance on all types of landscapes.

We’re very experienced with more overall knowledge, skill and creativity than most landscapers. We have a feel for making the landscape come together. It’s a God-given ability to create nice landscapes.

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Lawn Care Tips for Chicago
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Landscaping Testimonial

arrow “Laslo Landscaping has created home and business landscaping designs for us and our families. Our flower garden has been featured on a calendar and is often used as a background for local family pictures.

“Like our family, they’ve been around the area for generations. We appreciate their artistry and integrity.”

Bev and Wally Fuller
Owners, Fullers Car Wash
Burr Ridge

arrow “We recommend Laslo Landscaping to anybody who is looking for a quality landscape contractor. His crews are highly skilled and hardworking. They don’t take shortcuts.”

Phil Goers
Goers Greenhouse,

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